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Dakar I Sénégal I 2016


The hotel is located on Corniche road, that is around 15 meters above the sea. Thereby, the entrance is located on the top floor, as the building is built in the cliff. Seen from the ocean and the Gorée Island the building, colored with earth shades, looks like Dakar’s pedestal.

The top floor hosts as well an independent entrance for the conference rooms with a lounge cafe, a spa and a panoramic restaurant. The hotel develops around a courtyard and hosts on the lower floor all of the other hotel’s amenities : poolside restaurant, conference rooms, fitness center, swimming pool... All of the above look at the ocean, except for the conference rooms (4x250 m2) that are the base of the courtyard. These conference room are an asset for the hotel as they can be united into bigger conference rooms. Mainly the rooms have a view on the ocean, the others look inside the courtyard.

The east wing of the building is slightly detached, and hosts 3 private

duplex apartments, which are accessible through the roof of the hotel,

where the parking is located.