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Abidjan I Côte d'ivoire I 2017

a differentiation between private and public room

a level variation for bedrooms volumes

the stairs : the link between the volume

a see-trough ground floor

1rst floor - night rooms: bedrooms, bathrooms...

ground floor : communal rooms

central patio

his project pushes further away the concept of traditional housing. The house is organized around a central patio and hosts on the ground floor all of the communal functions (living room, kitchen, library...) whereas the top floor hosts the more intimate functions (bedrooms, bathrooms...).

The innovation lies in the shape of the building. The double-height patio is sealed by a glass ceiling, enabling a maximum of natural light to enter.The ground floor is transparent and of variable heights : this because each upstairs volume is slightly higher than the volume before, and the key piece of the building are the stairs that encloses the patio.

This concept enable a visual continuity from the entrance to the yard. The house is not just two story, but is instead composed by many levels corresponding to each bedroom. These bedrooms rotate around the patio as a spiral.