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Dakar I Sénégal I 2017





This new condo takes advantage of the required distance from the plot of land’s perimeter to create façades open towards the outside. The façades are covered by sun-shades, similar to a fabric with a zig-zag pattern, that gives intimacy as well as allowing light to enter.

This solution gives the façades an aesthetic value, giving the illusion

that each floor is different from one another, while actually they are all the same, this for economical reasons and for an easier construction.

From the 1st floor up the building widens, so that the apartments are

more spacious.

To enable a natural ventilation of the apartments and a better use of

every internal room aswell as an energy saving, three cavity are carved out in the building.


optimal ventilation

façades open to the outside  

aesthetic and functional sun-shades